Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rainy night in the sandpit

Well, not in the sandpit, thank goodness, but certainly some of the best (most) rain I've seen for a while.

We have been watching the waves run down the footpath outside the house. (It's after bedtime, but the girls have given up on bed and are watching the show.)

Had a huge hailstorm, which Sophie said made the road white right across. The hail on the top of the waves made it look like whitecaps down the footpath.

Lightning and Thunder also, of course.

Then some of them watched as a car slipped and crashed into our neighbour's car, which was parked on the street outside our house. Bern went out to talk to the guy. I phoned the neighbour and got him up to the street. (They live down a cul-de-sac.) The guy was apologetic - could hardly be anything else with all the witnesses (and number plate written down).

(It has been our car affected like this in the past - but our car was parked a bit high up to be hit tonight, and was protected by neighbour's car in any case. The guy would have wrapped him self round the power pole, which probably wouldn't have had as much 'give' in it!)

Glad Bern hadn't gone to bed yet.