Monday, September 22, 2008

End of Birthday Season

Well, we have got to the end of birthday season with the little kids. Cara, Grace, Isla and Eva have all turned three now.

Eva's was the last, and her birthday cake was a bit delayed, but we finally got to sing happy birthday, and she blew out the candles. (Isla offered to help, but it wasn't needed this year.)

We also had to have balloons because, well, it's just not a birthday without balloons. (Obviously!) Whoever invented the balloon did a great service to the world, because what else can you have so much fun with for 10c?

(oops - after that I hope they don't turn out to be terribly bad for the planet...)

Mind you, the next birthday season starts soon. Sadie, Elanor, me, ...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring into Spring Fashions

Actually, this isn't a fashion post. The title is a reference to a quote from the Terry Prachett book "Truckers", which Elanor and I have been reading. (It's about the life and times of 4" high nomes who live in a department story. And, yes, I spelt 'nomes' correctly!)

But it does feel 'spring-like' outside today. After a very wet Winter (with a few good days sprinkled through it), it is very welcome indeed to think that Spring/Summer is coming.

We have even had one or two sunny days in the sandpit at playgroup. (Although not all Grace's sand castles turn out.)

One downside of being in September is that it is that much closer to the dead line for my last assignment for the year. Oh yes, I still have those to think about!

I'm supposed to be working on the proposal for my thesis (which I'm planning on doing next year).