Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy birthday Sophie

Yesterday was Sophie's 14th birthday. Happy Birthday Sophie!!

Grandad came over for dinner, and we have lasagna and salad, followed by chocolate cake and cream, and then chocolates that Grandad had brought. We had balloons and candles, but I'll have to get some more, as I used up all the ones I had on hand.
Sophie has been wanting to turn 14 because now she is old enough to babysit for other people's children (and potentially get paid for it!), and she really likes some of the little 'friends' that I used to provide childcare for up to the end of last year. She has really missed seeing the little children after school and in holidays.

This might be an excuse for her to catch up with some of them. We often intend to invite them around for coffee and a play (coffee for the mothers - a play for the children), but, like many good intentions, we haven't actually got around to it yet. I do see some of the mothers and children at playgroup now and again.

Only a week until Katie leaves, and I'm already thinking that I'll have to blog more often so she knows what we are up to...