Friday, November 28, 2008

Rowena's prizegiving

Another significant event this month was Rowena's school prize giving. Significant because she came away with an armful - an embarrassment of riches, but we can cope!

The WEGC prize giving is before exams. Katie's school prize giving is after exams, as is Jonnie and Rachel's school one I think.

Rowena is pictured here with her two cups (nice photo of her isn't it).

One cup is for junior public speaking I think, and the other is a new award for "participation in year 10" - we think that might mean joining a lot of things!

She also got book prizes for English, Science and (um ... I'll have to ask her).

During the evening she played the harp and violin in orchestra (at different times...), and sang in Multi Choir. We were proud as, as you can imagine.

(And if anyone isn't familiar with the phrase 'proud as', you should probably watch the YouTube video "beached whale".)

November has been a busy month. Surprising really, as all my study and the extra research/report writing were finished by early in October. I think it was busy family-wise really.

The first important event in November is Elanor's birthday. Oh, and Uncle Michael's (pictured). They share a birthday. Elanor's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and we all went out to the ballet (Don Quixote) afterwards - that's Grandad's birthday present to all of us each year.

We had cake after the ballet. Sophie is ready, poised with the cake forks!

The next day was Grandad's birthday. As it was one with a zero on the end, he had a party, so we all trouped over to Featherston for lunch, with a number of his friends from way back. It had been not so nice weather on the Saturday, and very windy, but the Sunday was glorious - sunny, warm, calm. The place was a large private house in the countryside with large gardens. A lovely day. Thanks Grandad!

I'm going to blog November shortly, but must just put up one photo from October.

Each year our church runs a "Crazy Colour Party" on 31 October. As the girls get older they go from attending the party, to helping run the games for it. You are supposed to dress your craziest, and most colourful. Here's how Elanor and Katie went this year.

Katie was stoked when she found those tights in my drawer. I haven't worn them any time recently - but I used to. I found her excess of mirth (ie, ROTFL) a bit offensive.

The tartan shoes were mine as well until she nicked them. I think they cost $2 in a bargin bin - too good to leave. She wears them on 'normal' days too, and her friends say they are 'awesome'. I think that's meant as a compliment.

The yellow tutu was Katie's. She is in yellow house at school, and she wanted me to make it for her one year for sports day. Every year she and her friends wear an odd assortment of yellow clothing - and it is a different theme each year.

The tutu had a second 'outing' recently. Sophie wore it in the Santa Parade, as a clown.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello, hello - is anybody there??

Hi there.

Apologies to my regular reader (there used to be 3 of you, but I imagine I have lost one or two...).

It appears to be over 2 months since I posted. Oops. Must have been spending too much time in the sandpit... or something.

If I do a flurry of posts now, do you think I can pretend that I have posted faithfully all this time?