Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is Elanor's construction.
It is made from Magnetix sticks and is hollow inside.

You can push it down from the top and each layer goes into the one below. I think only three times.

Sophie starting school - again

We have had a busy week. The three college girls were back at school on Monday, and Elanor went back today.

Monday was Sophie's first day of College. You can see from the photo how excited she was (!)

Actually, it was fine, but she does look a bit worried doesn't she?

(The uniforms make Rowena and Sophia look a bit like twins...)

Katie is out of uniforms for good. None in 7th form at her school, not even for prizegivings.

what to do in the holidays

We don't have any trouble finding things to do in the holidays. Apart from reading, Sophie and Elanor do a lot of baking - and we get to eat the results!

One day they just decided to make lemon meringue pie! No help required, but the pastry got a little brown round the edges. Not that I could have helped them anyway, as baking 'blind' is not something I've mastered.

It looked impressive, and tasted delicious!