Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book update

My new book is coming along. I've just had the draft back from the editor, and completed the changes recommended the first time. She didn't have too much to correct, apart from typos. (I don't worry about those too much, because that's her job :-)

My next mission is to line up the photos we have taken against the text - work out which images will enhance understanding of each part of the book. Alongside that is working out what other images we need to take, and also developing the graphics needed in places. (Eg, I'm going to illustrate some guitar and ukulele chords in one section.)

Oh - and get signed permission to use the photos! More of a mission this time than last year, as we have had photos submitted from other places round the country. Some really nice images, but you don't have the same control. Still, people are really helpful, and it's just a matter of time.

(I think it's all due at the designer on Monday - no pressure....!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Quilt Symposium

Easter weekend is the time for this year's national quilt symposium.

The symposium is held every 2 years, and is attended by over 1000 quilters from around New Zealand and the world. Classes are run by national and international tutors. There are several exhibitions of quilts and fibre art by general entrants and tutors. A huge merchants mall is stuffed with everyone selling everything to do with quilting and fibre art. There are lectures and dinners too I suppose. There was an awards ceremony.

There are several challenges by specific sponsors, where you have to make a quilt or artwork on a given theme or using particular general instructions. One example is the postage stamp quilts. This is sponsored by NZ Post, and the rules seem to be that you can choose any postage stamp you like and make a 50cm square quilt inspired by that stamp. A really interesting collection of quilts resulted - people had taken 'inspired by' in a number of different lights, which was all good.

I pre-registered Sophie so she would get all the information, but we did not end up doing any classes - too expensive for her really, and I daren't start anything new until I've finished her teenage quilt. Instead of a class I've promised her $50 worth of fabric or supplies and she can run her own 'class' out of a book during the holidays. I think she is gong to get some fabric dyes, or something like that.

We went along on Saturday as volunteers, packing the morning teas and lunches for the 1000 people at classes on the day. (Actually I don't know how many people, but when we'd sorted all the bread trays of filled rolls into the boxes for the classes we were 150 short on the number required - the caterer had left them behind at their premises!)

We also checked out the merchants mall, but haven't bought any souvineers yet.

On Monday we did the exhibitions. It's worth while making a day of this as there are several and your $5 ticket to one gets you into all of them, for that day. I partiularly enjoyed the challenge quilts, but there was no information about what the challenge was displayed alongside them - we worked it out, and then looked them up on the website.

We might do some shopping today so Sophie can start her 'class'. And, yes, I was inspired and sat down on Sunday afternoon and did a couple of hours work on Sophie's teenage quilt!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

camera has bit the dust

I don't know what it's problem is, but my camera appears now to not be responding. Obviously this is making it quite tricky to take photos! Hmmm.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo shoots for new book

I've written a new book, on music in early childhood this time. Now it's time to collect photos to go in it. So I've been turning up to places with props (Katie's guitar in this case), getting music happening, and trying to get photos of it.

Not as easy as it sounds.

In fact, getting music happening is a piece of cake. However, it's pretty much impossible to lead a music session and photograph it at the same time.

The photo (above) was taken on my camera, but as the batteries were on their last legs, the camera needs 'nursing' along, so Heather gave up after this. (I was still able to use it later, but it's hard to explain to people how exactly to 'coax' it along. I got some lovely circle dance shots yesterday after that.)

But I've got the help of a photographer this morning, so, fingers crossed we'll do a bit better.

We need about 60 good photos for the book. You get one or two from an activity. I have maybe 5 right now. I would like to be pretty much finished by the end of next week. Busy days ahead!!!