Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Otaki Beach holiday

We had a bach at Otaki Beach for a while this month. Here are typically scenes of what we (well, they) did during the holiday.

As usual, I forgot to get the camera out until after K and R had left, and I don't appear at all.

Sophie spent the holidays reading their stash of trashy gossip magazines. Obviously a facet of reading experience she has been missing. I think she may have had enough to last a while.

Elanor read LotR and the Silmirillion - again. We all read some of LotR to keep her company, but no-one else (except perhaps Rowena) can keep up with her on those books.

Bern and I tapped away on our respective laptops - but I used the table.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And here's the holiday group photo - though as usual, I don't appear in the group. I think the Gastrell's have photos of me kayaking to prove I was there!


The weather really picked up everywhere as we were leaving Woodend Beach. We went to Anakiwa to stay with friends for a week.

Here's our house. (There are extra cars as the neighbours had visitors due to a birthday celebration.) Three bedrooms, and the two boys had a tent out the back.

We had a week of swimming, jumping off the wharf, and kayaking. In between, we lazed and read, ate delicious meals regularly, and played board games. Perfect holiday!

Christmas holiday

We are just stopping overnight in between legs of our holidays.

We started off going South on the ferry. These are typical shots - it was drizzly weather for the ferry ride.

I managed to not get any photos of Christchurch or the beach where we stayed at Woodend. Holiday photos are often like that - you take none at all, and suddenly remember the camera the day before you leave to go home and shoot off a whole lot.

However, we had very nice weather for most of the time, though I didn't swim at the beach as too windy.