Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It has been really odd weather here today. We're not used to humidity - that's an Auckland phenomenon - but we have had it today. Hot, hot, hot, and then it suddenly rains, but doesn't cool the day off, and hot, hot again.

Despite that I got outside to play with the water trough and hose, and sandpit, with the little kids for quite a while this afternoon. I was surprised at how dry the soil was when I did some weeding. Toddlers with buckets soon fixed that :-)

After dinner, and I was just sitting outside in my arm chair, watch the westering sun illuminate the black rain clouds. I was able to scarper back inside (with my upholstered chair) at the first drop.

I suppose we should take the kids to the beach. They can swim in rain or shine, and it'll cool them off.

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