Monday, January 17, 2011

Happiness is...

...three kinds of cake for dessert!

Well, there were three kins of cake, but we couldn't manage to eat them all for one dessert. We'll probably have to have some of one of them for breakfast, and there will still be more of all of them.

How did we come to have such a abundance of confections, you ask?

It was Rowena's birthday last week. But she was at camp, so this afternoon Elanor made a chocolate cake for her birthday, iced with chocolate icing and pink writing and blue flowers. Good job Elanor!

But at the same time Rowena was at afternoon tea at a friend's house (Sophie). The friend had made a cake for Rowena's birthday too (carrot), AND a cake for Anna's birthday as well (chocolate). But Anna wasn't able to come, so they had two large cakes and only 4 girls to eat them.

Sophie has a small family, so when it was time to come home she gave Rowena half of each cake to bring with her. So Rowena arrived home with 2 x 'nearly half' cakes, each about 10 cm tall - that's a LOT of cake!

Of course we sang for the one Elanor had made, and cut that first. Then we (not Ro - she was already ahead) had carrot cake too. But the 2nd chocolate cake (and all the other leftover cake) is just going to have to wait for breakfast. Or supper... :-)

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