Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mum and Dad are staying with Annie and family for the week. (They have come up to go to the World of Wearable Arts show this evening.)

Yesterday we took a drive to Palmerston North to see Grandma. That's dad's mum. She's 98 and living in a old folks home now.

Our visit was a surprise to her, and she was very pleased to see us. Big smiles. We chatted for a while, but it turns out that she is deafer than I had thought. I thought I was talking loudly and slowly telling her all about Katie being in Austria, but I wasn't sitting right next to her, so I think she missed most of it. Later she asked me about Katie - what's she doing now, is she at university, etc. So I sat right next to Grandma and told the story again. (I think I will write her a letter.)
The light was strong coming in the window, so Annie and my faces are in shade unfortunately. I was pleased I had the camera and remembered to get it out. I whipped off the first photo of Grandma (with mum) very quickly, as she gets tired of having her photo taken quite quickly and turns her face away. But something happened to make her laugh while we were setting up the 2nd groups, which meant she was a bit more animated for the photos.

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