Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to blogging

Ok, so the title is aspirational, but perhaps it would be good to blog occassionally.

My dedicated reader (only one!) has noticed my absence from the blogosphere, and commented on this with regret. I blame it all on facebook, which encourages quick, low effort, updates. But if I do one post today, that will be one more than last year, and you never know - it might become a habit.

(The theory is that if you perform an action every day for a month it will become a habit, and will become easier to maintain. Not yet sure if I have a commitment to one month...)

Anyway, what is today like here? Hot, windy, and I'm tired because I've just come back from one of those weekend meetings I have.

I did say on the Friday that I'd realised that I need to take better care of myself, and I do need to sleep. (This caused some amusement among my friends/colleagues, as I'm the one who gets my '2nd wind' in the evening and is then able to work until quite late.) And that perhaps we should agree to stop for the night at dinner, or 9pm, or something. Obviously we didn't agree that very strongly, because we worked much longer both evenings. Oh well... they can't say it's me keeping them up ever again.

That said, it was a useful, productive, and relatively relaxed meeting, so it's all good. And we seem to have gelled as a team and understanding each others' working styles.

Nice to be back with family this afternoon.

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